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Using it as I write this!

Easy to install, easy to use-in a variety of movements. Only had it installed for a few days, but I do love it already. Feeling it a bit, especially since I keep moving. Highly recommend HOVR.


HOVR with Desk Mount

Great product

Great product, easy setup, sturdy components, very good design.

However, our misfit(tm) bluetooth monitor eats batteries...maybe just this one and I don't know if it is typical for the first battery to last only 2 weeks.

Desk mounting was easier than expected and it is adjustable for other users with different leg lengths/height. We call it a fidget machine and I am embarrassed to find I actually fidget that much.....huge calorie burns!

Still unsure about it

I've had the Hovr installed for about a week now, and I can't figure out if I like it. I don't feel comfortable just resting my feet on it, it only really works if I'm moving. Which I understand is the point, but I can't really seem to get it in a position that is totally comfortable even when I move my feet. The circle foot pads don't rotate as easy as I want them, and it's a little hard to get my feet in the right position on them. I find myself removing it a lot but then when I go to cross my legs I always hit my knees on the hooks. I may be uninstalling it and letting my husband give it a shot.

Awesome active sitting, stand is too much $$

I bought the desk mount with the hopes of using it on my desk at work, but the drawer was going to be in the way. I was not going to spend $90 on the stand that is being offered for this. Being an engineer, I knew I could build my own stand for substantially less than that, it has taken a revision or two but my DIY stand has been working well for 2 weeks and I have been actually looking forward to going to work to use it (as I sit at home without it, thinking about justifying another one)