HOVR | Sit Down. Start Walking.
HOVR - Unconsciously Burn More Calories at Work. Available now on Indiegogo.
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Get Your HOVR On!

Attached to Desk

HOVR for Desk

The Original HOVR. Attaches to your desk and allows you to burn calories, increase circulation and productivity, while you sit!


Floor Stand

HOVR Portable

Most versatile HOVR. Take it with you anywhere! Perfect for offices that don’t allow permanent fixtures on desks.



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Activity Tracker

HOVR™ comes with an optional device for tracking movement.
Set goals for yourself and measure how far you’ve traveled,
how many calories you’ve burned, and your daily progress.

METs+ Activity

HOVR™ can also provide you with the essential “moderate level activity”
which the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends
– 150 minutes a week.

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Compared To Standing Desks And Sitting