Burns more calories than a standing desk with improved concentration

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“Unlike under-desk gadgets like ellipticals, it doesn't require conscious effort.”
“This office accessory leaves the sitting or standing desk debate in the dust.”
“It made me feel like I was a kid again. I myself, am still using the HOVR for months.”
  • Lose Weight While Sitting Down

    Skipped the Gym?

    HOVR was designed to help you burn calories, while you sit. We are the first active-sitting device to be NEAT™ Certified by the Mayo Clinic.

  • desk exersize

    Perfect for the Office

    HOVR helps improve employee health and helps increase focus and productivity.

  • calm students and keep them focused

    HOVR alleviates ADD/ADHD

    Schools all over the world use HOVR to help calm students and keep them focused.

  • HOVR at Home

    HOVR helps keep your blood circulation flowing at home while you sit and watch TV or eat dinner.

  • foot swing

    Great Solution for Elders

    HOVR is great for elders as it helps increase blood circulation and keeps the joints lubricated.


  • For some students with ADHD or any type of movement needs, the HOVR is a great tool. It is discrete (under the desk), quiet, and because it is hands-free it enables students to use their hands for academic tasks such as writing or using manipulatives. The acclimation period is quick for children and the various types of movement the HOVR provides ensures students don't bore of it easily. One student in particular went from being able to sit and read for less than 5 minutes at a time to sitting for 30 minute durations while using the HOVR.

    Iisha P.

  • I just received my HOVR with a stand. I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it. I am a senior with a knee problem and heel pain. This makes it difficult for me to walk long distances. The HOVR is doing exactly what I hoped it would do. It allows me to keep moving my legs without putting pressure on my heels and knees. So although this was an expensive purchase for me, I am really enjoying having the HOVR and glad I took the chance on your product.

    Barbara S.

  • Just wanted to let you know I've had the HOVR at my desk at work and loved it so much I bought 3 more for other staff members. This morning I took the HOVR to school for my 3rd grade son who has ADHD. I'm VERY interested in seeing how it works out for him (put it on the stand rather than attaching below his desk – was concerned it would shake the desk too much). Was surprised to get the follow up email from your team this morning to use the HOVR for school!

    Bernice L.

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