HOVR | The Evolution of HOVR
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2011: An Idea is Born

John Godoy wanted to come up with something that would ‘take the guilt out of sitting’ while watching TV or working at a desk.

The HOVR started off life as the Eterna Chair. A device that offered a way to work out with natural micro-movements.

2013: The Active Footrest

The Active Footrest became the biggest attraction as it offered users a way to work out from virtually anywhere.

2013: Prototyping

The footrest went through several iterations in order to become sleeker and more efficient.

2014: EUREKA

And then John Harada had an epiphany and decided to try and hang the device. From this point onward the team pursued suspension-based designs. Soon the HOVR we know today started to take shape.

2015: Further Prototyping

The device went through several more design iterations. The team experimented with many different suspension designs, as well as improvements to the HOVR itself.

2016: HOVR Arrives

After 5 long years, countless prototypes, and endless testing, HOVR was unveiled on Indiegogo on April 11th, 2016.