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Under Desk Exercise – Why Hover When You Can HOVR?

There's no doubt that sitting for hours a day is detrimental to our health, and today we do it more...
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Exercise While Working – Sit At A Desk All Day? The Health Hazards

Maybe you spend all day sitting at a desk for work, or maybe you're just a "couch potato." Either way,...
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Under Desk Exerciser – Healthy Sitting? It’s Possible With HOVR

We've been told over the years that sitting all day long isn't healthy, whether we sit on the couch, at...
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HOVR Pro – Different Ways To Exercise At Work And Burn Calories

Anyone who has a desk job (and these days, that's a lot of people) knows it's hard to sneak in...
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Desk Exercise – HOVR Lets You Get Moving Without Moving At All

Well, your feet will be moving, but the rest of your body can stay seated! Imagine burning calories and improving...
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HOVR – Get Moving Without Leaving Your Desk (Or The Couch)

We've all grown up with the concept that burning calories requires moving, whether walking, jogging, pumping iron, doing aerobics or...
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Transform Your Desk Into A Calorie Burning Machine With HOVR

Anyone who works at a desk all day long knows what happens - your hips and derriere become wider and...
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Exercise While Sitting – Techies Get Moving With HOVR

Today we live in a sit-down world, given careers are leaning in the techie direction and so many people telecommute...
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